A step-by-step guide to UJAS (Registration and Manuscript Submission)


  • Click Register (top right corner)
  • Fill in your profile (Given name, family name)
  • The Login sections
  • Provide the email address you would like to use. Please be advised that this email can only be used once as you can’t use the same email to create another UJAS account.
  • Also note that the Username should be one word.
  • Fill in the password you are intending to use.
  • Check boxes agreeing to the privacy statement
  • Check the next box if you would like to be notified of new publications and announcements.
  • Then click Register.
    • By following the above simple instructions, you will have successfully created your UJAS account. 

Logging in 

  • Click Login at the top right corner.
    • Fill in your username and password
    • Click login

Submission at UJAS

  • Click New Submission
  • Check all the submission requirements
  • You may also include some comments for the Editor.
  • Check for agreeing to the Privacy Statement
  • Click save and continue


  • Click Upload file, select the file you would like to upload/submit

*Please note that this file size should not be bigger than 2MBs

  • After selecting the file click Open
  • After it has loaded, click on Article Text

Then click save and continue


  • Fill in the metadata that is the Title, Abstract, create a list of Contributors (Co-Authors).

                   This is a clarification on when one is filling in the Abstract,

                    Go to your manuscript, Highlight your Abstract the Copy (Ctrl + C) it. After which you will go ahead                        and just paste (Ctrl + V) it in the Abstract section on the UJAS portal.

                 Please note that in the Abstract section you are not required to upload any files whatsoever.

  • How do you do this?
  • Click Add Contributor
  • Fill in their names
  • Fill in their email address
  • Country they are from
  • Their ORCHID iD if they have one but in case they don’t, they should go ahead and Click here Register
  • Affiliation, that is the Organization, Institution, Company they are currently working with.
  • You can fill in their Bio statement as well
  • Select their role which can either be an Author or a Translator.
  • Check to include this contributor in the browse list
  • Then Save
  • Do this for all your Co-Authors.



  • Enter one keyword at a time and after press Enter on your keyboard, do this for all the keywords until you exhaust them.
  • Click Save and continue



  • Click Finish Submission 

Congratulations, you will have finished submitting your paper for review.

Click back to Submission.