Science Communication Models for Agricultural Transformation in Uganda

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A. Tibasaaga


Abstract. This paper focuses on the models of science communication used to promote and support use of
agricultural research outputs in Uganda. It also explores quasi-novel approaches of making agricultural research
more visible to end-users through strategic communications and extension models that are hoped to increase
adoption rates in Uganda. Surveys, literature review and key informants were used to evaluate the
communication efforts by the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) - the apex body for
agriculture research in Uganda. The findings indicated that 31% of respondents perceived NARO as a source of
poor products and services. This has resulted in distrust, which is largely attributed to use of ineffective models
of communication used in the past. Different approaches of communication and extension are proposed as
flagship models that can be implemented through NARO’s projects, private extension partners and, in some
cases, through partnership with the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS). These communication
and outreach strategies can improve understanding of the technologies, and consequently influence adoption of
NARO technologies for improvement of the agricultural sector.

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