Participatory evaluation of improved technologies with farmers: the case of bean technologies

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M. A. Ugen
A. Namayanja
F. Opio
P. Tukamuhabwa
R. S. Ssekabembe


The National Beans Program has carried out on-farm bean variety evaluation trials since 1986 to-date using the conventional approach in addition to using farmer participatory approach from 1992 with more farmer involvement as partners in the research process. In either approach, it was noted that farmer involvement was a key to successful technology evaluation. It was also noted that yield was not the only factor farmers consider in adopting new bean varieties. Yield had to be accompanied by other variety attributes like preference for seed colour and size, good taste, tolerance to insect pests and diseases and other adverse conditions, marketability, shorter cooking time and maturity period. Both approaches have their successes and limitations. Making both approaches very efficient requires more farmer involvement in technology development and testing. There is need for training of farmers and extension agents in on-farm management and technology testing. Dedication and devotion of all parties involved in technology development and testing is important. There is need for increased funding for technology testing with more farmer involvement. The way forward is to make both approaches more participatory with more involvement

of the farmers and all other stakeholders.

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A. Ugen, M., Namayanja, A., Opio, F., Tukamuhabwa, P., & S. Ssekabembe, R. (2003). Participatory evaluation of improved technologies with farmers: the case of bean technologies. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 8(10), 123–130. Retrieved from