Development and evaluation of a Sorghum/Soy weaning food

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Paul Njoki
Ssali W.
Lam S. H
Ebiyau J.


A weaning food was developed from sorghum/soy blend by extrusion cooking on a single screw extruder. A three factor factorial study was conducted at three levels of feed moisture (20, 30 and 40%), three levels of sorghum variety (Epuripur, Sekedo and local) and three levels of soybean level (10, 20 and 30%). Feed moisture of30% and decreased as the moisture was increased further. WSI and NSI increased with decreasing feed moisture. Epuripur produced products with the best attirbutes compared to the other two varieties, whereas increasing the soybean level did not have any significant effect on the functional attribute of the product.

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Njoki, P., W., S., S. H, L., & J., E. (2003). Development and evaluation of a Sorghum/Soy weaning food. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 8(10), 361–366. Retrieved from