Gray leaf spot disease in Uganda

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G. Bigirwa
K. F. Cardwell
T. Sengooba
D. T. Kyetere
A. Nakayima
S. B. Kaboyo


Two studies were carried out to assess the status of gray leaf spot (GLS) disease of maize in Uganda. Results from three surveys of 1994,1995 and 1996 conducted in 21 districts showed that GLS was widespread with high incidence and severity of 94% and 3.8 respectively. In importance it was ranking high followed by maize streak virus and turcicum leaf blight. Separation of individual pathogens from overall leaf area infection using backward regression showed that GLS accounted for over 60% of the leaf area infection. Work on varietal evaluation showed significant differences in reaction with three varieties; SC 627, SC 625 and SC Expt 2 showing high levels of resistance while H 622, SC 621 and PAN 6193 severely got affected.

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Bigirwa, G., F. Cardwell, K., Sengooba, T., T. Kyetere, D., Nakayima, A., & B. Kaboyo, S. (2001). Gray leaf spot disease in Uganda. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 6(1), 43–46. Retrieved from