Serological responses in commercial chicken to a Newcastle Disease I2 thermostable vaccine in Uganda.

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J. Illango
W. Olaho-Mukani
G. Mukiibi-Muka
A. Etoori


A locally- produced Newcastle Disease (NCD) I2 thermostable vaccine of embryo - infective dose (EID. ) of 108.5 per ml. was administered to 100 laboratory chicken in four groups, each of 25 birds, by eye drop method, I2E; in water previously boiled and cooled, WA; same water but freshly medicated with an adequate dose of Levamisole, LE; and using millet grains previously roasted and cooled as vaccine carrier, Ml, A fifth group, LA, also consisting of 25 birds received heat- sensitive Lasota vaccine by eyedrop, as a control group. The immunological responses were monitored by Enzyme - linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) Newcastle disease antibody (Ab) technique on sera samples from 18 randomly selected birds in each group at 3-week intervals for a 3 month period. The overall mean percentage positivities and antibody log10 titres in each group respectively were: I2E, 85.75%, 3.10; WA, 70.2%, 2.91; LE 82.7%, 3.02; M1 87% , 3.17 and LA, 87.25%, 3.29. During the first 3 weeks, there was a significant difference in response between birds given the I2 vaccine by eyedrop and using water alone as did that between birds vaccinated using millet grains and either water alone or medicated with Levamisole. Lasota vaccine produced a significantly higher response than that by the I2 vaccine given either in water alone or medicated with Levamisole. At 3 months, the response to Lasota vaccine was significantly higher than that to the I2 Vaccine given either by eyedrop or millet grains.
Throughout the study period, the I2 vaccine did not produce significant differences in response between birds vaccinated using water alone and that medicated with Levamisole. It was concluded that there is a possibility of providing combined treatment in chicken against worms using oral levamisole and vaccination with the I2 NCD thermostable vaccine in drinking water. Millet is potentially a good I2 vaccine carrier. NCD I2 vaccine given by eyedrop is more effective than by use of drinking water.

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Illango, J., Olaho-Mukani, W., Mukiibi-Muka, G., & Etoori, A. (2003). Serological responses in commercial chicken to a Newcastle Disease I2 thermostable vaccine in Uganda. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 8(10), 165–166. Retrieved from