Drugs of choice for the treatment of bacterial pneumonia in goats

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C. P. Otim
D. W. Kakaire
W. Olaho-Mukani
A. Etoori
T. Galiwango


A total of 41 pneumonic or coughing goats of different sexes and ages of about 8-18 kg body weight purchased from Pallisa, Soroti and Mbale districts were kept indoors at the Livestock Health Research Institute, Tororo (LIRI). On arrival goats were eartagged and blood smears and nasal swabs collected. 33 surviving goats were divided into four treatment groups. One group had 10 goats, two groups had 9 goats each and the fourth group had 5 goatsAII goats in groups I to III treated with Oxytetracycline 10%, Trimethosulf and Pen/streptomycin respectively recovered. Meanwhile all 5 goats in the control group died. From the cultures of lung specimens, it is concluded that the bacterial organisms causing caprine pneumonia are Pasteurella multocida, streptococcus haemolytica, Corynebacterium and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

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P. Otim, C., W. Kakaire, D., Olaho-Mukani, W., Etoori, A., & Galiwango, T. (2003). Drugs of choice for the treatment of bacterial pneumonia in goats. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 8(10), 167–168. Retrieved from http://journal.naro.go.ug/index.php/ujas/article/view/449